Cloudstorming + Zoho = Awesome

Cloudstorming - Digital Business Transformation

Cloudstorming is owned by Adam Potaznik, a Melbourne-based IT consultant. 

You can learn more here:

Adam is passionate about transforming the systems and processes of analog businesses.

At the moment, he is working full-time for The Knowledge Warehouse, a market research company in Australia.  TKW also operates a 120 seat contact centre under the brand CDM Direct.

TKW is soon rolling out an exciting digital marketing solution, and Zoho will be the foundation of the systems we are implementing.

Further to this, Adam is applying to become a Zoho Partner, so that Cloudstorming can build the capacity to offer solutions to businesses across Australia.

Adam is planning to work closely with other Zoho partners to help build the initial capacity withing TKW and then training a team of Zoho specialists in the Philippines.

He is planning to attend Zoho Inspire in Sydney on March 20th and possibly the Zoholics event in the USA later this year.

Adam is also studying to become an IAPP Certified Information Privacy Manager.


Note: This website is under construction, purely so I can have a placeholder when I apply to be a Zoho partner.  Adam’s time is primarily focused on building a sales team for TKW but once approved as a Zoho partner, will invest the time and effort to create a pixel perfect, responsive designed website instead of this piece of dog poo 😉