Pay once, keep it forever.

Say hello to your best marketing spend. Google Business View is your only set-it-and-forget-it marketing piece, with no monthly, yearly, or other recurring fees.

The size of your business premises determines the cost of the package.

Every time the tripod moves to another position in your space, it creates a panoramic image. By stitching multiple images together, we create a virtual tour, with arrows to allow your visitors to navigate.

We take one or two panoramas outside, and the remainder inside. Other factors such as stairways or navigating through aisles or around tables are important, as each position for the tripod requires clear line of sight to the next one.

For a small shop, with 5 panoramas, the cost is $400 plus GST.

For a medium sized space, with up to 12 panoramas, the cost is $600 plus GST.

For a large space with up to 20 panoramas, the cost is $800 plus GST.

For really large spaces, we can provide a customised quote once we visit and calculate the required panoramas.

All packages include integration into Google Search results, Google Maps, and unlimited use on your website and social media such as Facebook.